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Church News

The Pastor and Deacon Chairman have met concerning the mandate imposed by Governor Roy Cooper.  Effective as of 8 pm Saturday, March 14th activities at the church are canceled until further notice.

FYI - Live Video-Streaming

Our Pastor and Deacons of Mount Vernon Baptist Church have had numerous inquiries concerning live video-streaming services by our church.

To stream videos, certain hardware, network and software requirements must be met. Live video-streaming is a network-intensive process, so a fast broadband connection is needed for live streaming. The faster the network connection, the clearer live videos will be. In addition, faster network connections decrease the chances of buffering, frequent stalling and loading problems that diminish streaming quality.

Mount Vernon currently does not have sufficient broadband service to deliver a quality live video-streaming service. Future plans of Star Communications to install fiber-optic cable will help us take this step toward live streaming.

Our staff wants you to know that other options to provide online video services are being considered and will soon be available.


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